BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Rocky Mountain Seafood Owner Brad Cline prepares to cut up a fresh Halibut fish. He tells me times have changed since he moved to Bozeman in 1997, even since he took over the business in 2005.

"Bozeman has picked up a pretty good-sized crime element between the vandals and the thieves," explains Cline.

That's why Cline says he wasn't surprised when he arrived Sunday afternoon to find his building was tagged with graffiti. He says, at first, he thought it was a couple of kids.

"Turns out it wasn't a little one. It was a 24 year-old man who knew better," says Cline.

Now, Cline is talking to his landlord to find out what to do next.

"It's a triple lease, which means, while not owner, you still take care of all the maintenance, taxes, insurance and incidences like this fall on me, not the building owner," explains Cline.

Cline's business is one of six hit with graffiti. He says he'll have to foot the bill, that is, until he gets money back for restitution. Cline says it won't be cheap. He'll have to use special paint to match the rest of the building.

I spoke with Sgt.Travis Munter with the Bozeman Police Department to find out more about the vandalism spree.

He tells me police received several reports of graffiti between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, all in the same area.

"They were the same vandalism on all six businesses so, we did end up tying them all together," explains Munter.

Munter says they got their big break when a citizen called in with information.

"Gave us a really good description, direction of travel. We did end up locating that individual and charging him with the offenses and placed him in jail," says Munter.

25-year-old Anthony Tel Cattaneo bonded out, but Cline hopes he'll soon see justice.

"Just suggest that we deal harshly with the people who are caught and make examples of them," says Cline.

Police tell us it can be tough for businesses to protect themselves from vandals. They say the most effective way prevent crimes like this is to let police know when you you see something suspicious.