BOULDER, Mont. -

A police chief's dogs allegedly jumped a fence and attacked a teen in Boulder. We're told it happened near the Jefferson County High School.

According to the Boulder City Attorney, Steven Shapiro, the German Shepherds belong to Boulder Police Chief Richard Streib.

We're told the boy was walking to school for a basketball game when incident reportedly happened.

This isn't the first time the dogs have been in trouble. Court records show on August 13, a woman reported a similar incident. The dogs jumped the fence and attacked her.

Shapiro explained depending on the outcome, Streib could be cited.

"Now that there's a prior incident," he said. "We're going to take a look at the vicious animal ordinance The fines are the same and the primary difference is the judge has the option to order the dogs to leave the city."

Shapiro tells us he is waiting to receive the incident report from the police before moving forward with any possible citations.

The county sanitarian is holding both dogs while police investigate. The dogs must stay quarantined for 10 days while she observes them and checks for rabies.