BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Thirteen Bozeman High School students celebrated graduation from the Bio-Med program on Wednesday.

Students tell us it is giving them an edge as they look toward the future.

The Bozeman High school students who graduated have completed four years of medical and research courses.

NBC Montana talked with the Biomedical Sciences Department Chair, Amy Washtak, who told us students went through rigorous lab work.

75 students enrolled in the Bio-Med program at the high school back in the Fall of 2009.

Only 13 of those students made it through, saying they have big plans for their future in the medical field.

"I'm still working to become a doctor because I think that it's a great profession for me," Alex Tseng.

Tseng says throughout the four year program his Bio-Med classes at the high school opened up a whole new world.

"They showed various other medical careers that belong in different medical fields," said Tseng.

Another student told us he was accepted to MSU Billings where he plans to continue his medical education.

"I'm going to MSU Billings. I'm playing baseball and hopefully majoring in a Pre-Med major," said Cody Cooper.

Grace Arnes says she plans to use her skills over seas, helping to assist the sick and educate them about disease prevention.

Arnes told NBC Montana she had some of her course credits transfer to a college as well.

"I was able to start a medical assisting program at the Gallatin College.  I've already got a few credits in the medical field.," said Arnes

Educators tell us funding for the Bio-Med program was provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Office of Public Instruction and Bozeman Deaconess Hospital.

Currently, the Bio-Med program for the Fall of 2013 has 200 students registered. Educators say that is just over double what the program had when it began four years ago.