A 54-year-old Billings woman who was charged last month with bilking a 91-year-old man faces charges alleging a similar crime against a 77-year-old man.

The Billings Gazette reports Rachell Tina Marks pleaded not guilty Friday to felony counts of exploitation of an older person and deceptive practices.

The victim came forward after news reports of the other case appeared in September.

In that case, Marks denied a deceptive practice charge that alleged she made $2,000 in unauthorized purchases on the man's credit card.

In the second case, she is charged with making about $20,000 in unauthorized purchases on the man's card and deceiving him into co-signing on a $12,500 car loan.

Prosecutors say in both cases, she befriended the men, received permission to use the credit card for a smaller amount and kept using it.