Better Business Bureau warns Montanans on Yellow Pages scam


POSTED: 10:31 AM Jul 22 2013   UPDATED: 6:42 PM Jul 22 2013
SPOKANE, Wash. -

The following is a news release from the Better Business Bureau:

"Better Business Bureau is warning of an increase in various ‘Yellow Pages’ scams targeting businesses in our region. Our BBB has received multiple calls from business owners in both Eastern Washington and Montana claiming to owe for ‘Yellow Pages’ advertisements, which the business has no recollection of placing.


Some businesses have received a physical invoice, whereas others are harassed by phone calls from supposed ‘Yellow Pages’ representatives stating the business has a signed contract and will be sent to collections if they don’t pay over the phone. In some cases, businesses report the scammers will have edited voice recordings of the company agreeing to the advertisement.


“This is an old scam resurfacing with a twist,” said Chelsea Maguire, Director of Communications at the Better Business Bureau serving Eastern Washington, North Idaho & Montana. “Scammers use the familiar ‘Yellow Pages’ name and ‘walking fingers’ logo to look more legitimate. Never give out payment without thoroughly researching the company first.”

BBB offers the following advice to businesses to avoid losing money to this scam:

If you are approached with an invoice or over the phone and you are unsure of its legitimacy, call your BBB at 509-455-4200. "