https://www.facebook.com/events/246250805527043/?fref=tsAddalyn Ployhar, a Missoula baby, was born premature after just 25 weeks in late September. Her mother developed a condition known as preeclampsia, and doctors induced labor. She has been battling infections and varying oxygen levels and will have to stay in a special unit at Community Medical Center for the next few months.

Insurance isn’t covering all of her family’s costs, so family friends have organized a benfit.

“It’s just heartbreaking. No family deserves to go through something like this,” said Organizer Ashley Calcaterra.

The fundraiser will be held at the Sunrise Saloon on 1101 Strand Street in Missoula on November 24. It’ll start at 1:00pm. The event will feature a silent auction, a potluck and live music. Folks looking for more information on Addalyn’s situation can click here.