BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A Gallatin Valley high school could soon be moving up. The Belgrade School District is growing and, currently, the high school sits right on the line between its current Class A status and jumping up to Class AA.

With an enrollment of 850 students, the Belgrade High School qualifies for Class AA distinction.

"If they petition to go to AA, they can go but I have not received any notification from Belgrade that they would want to go Class AA," says Montana High School Association Executive Director Mark Beckman.

Class AA schools have enrollment of 826 students or more, but there's a catch.

"Schools can stay in a lower classification in a 10-percent range of that number," explains Beckman.

That's so schools aren't moving back and forth between conferences due to fluctuating enrollment. A 10-percent range means a school can stay Class A until they reach 908 students.

For Belgrade High School, that magic number might not be far off. We checked enrollment numbers and found the middle school has 913 students enrolled. It's why school administrators say AA might only be four years away.

There are benefits of staying within their classification for many schools.

"They've established conference rivalries, their scheduling- they're used to playing within their conference that they're in," explains Beckman.

We stopped by Belgrade High School to find out if students think they should be Class AA or Class A.

"We're doing really good in sports and our academics so, why not bump up to AA," says Belgrade High School Freshman athlete Josh Edwards.

Most of the students we spoke to didn't have an opinion but, some like Edwards tell us, moving to a bigger division would allow for more competition. The only drawback, Edwards says, is better teams to play.

"I think we could handle it. Easy. Easy enough," says Edwards.

Belgrade school officials say they're not planning for the move to Class AA, yet, but tell us it has been a topic of discussion.