Authorities give safety tips as temperatures rise


POSTED: 5:13 PM Jun 30 2013   UPDATED: 5:15 PM Jun 30 2013

Temperatures could hit the triple digits in Western Montana on Monday and Tuesday, and as the temperatures rise, local authorities want folks to take the steps they can to stay safe. Those steps include drinking enough water, being careful with fireworks near dried grass areas and avoiding cold water for extended periods of time.

Missoula Fire Battalion Chief Robin Pfau tells NBC Montana that fire fighters have to take extra care in the heat as well, as Montanans aren’t used to this type of heat this early in the summer, and firefighters often have roughly 80 pounds of gear to travel with when fighting fires. 

“We start in the morning…with ‘You guys need to hydrate.’ So they drink lots of water when they come on shift and drink water throughout the day. They’re at less risk for dehydration…” said Robin Pfau.

Authorities also warn of the dangers of leaving children and pets in parked vehicles, and they recommend limiting caffeinated beverages, and wearing lightweight clothing that reflects sunlight and heat.