Audit finds bus drivers with criminal histories


POSTED: 2:33 PM Jun 13 2013
Whitefish School District preliminary school election results
HELENA, Mont. -

A recent legislative audit finds there are at least 64 Montana school bus drivers with criminal records, including two with drunken-driving convictions within three years of the study.
In addition, some school districts appear to be taking advantage of a reimbursement policy in which the larger the bus, the higher the payment rate per mile.
Another district appeared to be padding its mileage, claiming a driver's route was twice as long as it really was.
Those are among the findings in the school transportation funding and safety audit presented Thursday to the Legislative Audit Committee.
Auditors are recommending changes that include required background checks for bus drivers, examining the reimbursement rate system and the use of global-positioning systems in each bus to more accurately track their mileage.