After he gets out of the hospital, Missoula judge Karen Orzech  said she will charge a Missoula man with attempted murder after a stabbing early Monday morning.

Police said Timothy Hoppe suffered a seizure after being arrested near a parking lot on Missoula's west side.

Police were investigating another incident, when another man came up to police and told them he had been stabbed.

According to court documents, he told police that Hoppe had stabbed him.

According to documents, the man and Hoppe had been drinking in a nearby van, when Hoppe became violent.

"The officer called for an ambulance for the victim," said Missoula police sergeant Scott Pastian. "He was taken to a hospital and treated for a stab wound and patrol officers subsequently located the suspect and arrested him on a probation violation."

According to Con Web, Hoppe was on probation for assault on a Missoula police officer in 2009.

He did time for firing a rifle at the officer.

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