Another string of vandalism in the Flathead has popped up, and it lead to the arrest of two Kalispell teens.

Kalispell Police say 17 year olds Reilly Stephenson and Brandon Hegstad are responsible for these new tags of graffiti among many others, including the graffiti on the wall of the Kalispell bypass.

Early Saturday morning officers found the two tagging a power box near Meridian and Three Mile Drive.

Officers tell us the two are responsible for graffiti tags in the hundreds found all across town.

These recent tags come on the heels of a large spree of vandalism in the Flathead.

If your property has been tagged by graffiti with the word “tree” or the letters S-K-O-I-P and you have not yet reported it, KPD are urging you to do so, so it can be included in this case.

You can call the police department at 758-7780.