Alpacas of Montana holds annual open house


POSTED: 6:04 PM Sep 29 2013
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Alpacas of Montana in Bozeman is the largest alpaca farm in the state.
This weekend they held their 5th annual open house to show the public what these animals are all about.

We saw people of all ages there feeding or petting the alpacas. Sarah Budd is the owner of this alpaca farm. Budd says they have worked with these animals for about 10 years. They have approximately 150 alpacas. We asked Budd what people should know about these animals.

"They are very sweet. They are not a llama, they will not spit on you, very gentle and docile. They are made for their fleece so the whole point of alpacas is for their fleece," said Budd.

On Saturday Budd says they saw close to 1,000 visitors. She says they hope to continue this event for years to come.