Spring is a time to spend outdoors in Montana, but experts say this could be one of the worst years for allergies. The reason -- an unusually wet winter.

“I've never had allergies in my youth, but in the last 16 years, I've increasingly had them,” said Kristine Monroe, who drove from California to Montana to visit.

“In the last two days I've been totally congested,” said Monroe.

Right now spring tree allergies are in full effect. That means runny eyes, sneezing, and an itching nose. Soon summer grass allergies will kick in. Those will bring the same symptoms, but from new allergens. That’s when pollen is the main offender.

“I have four kids and two of the four kids -- spring is where they're affected mostly and so they take over-the-counter medication, Claritin, and that usually helps, and...try to stay away from a lot of the outdoor activities, which is almost impossible here. You want to be outside,” said Missoula resident Todd Koster.

Montanans aren’t known to let anything get in the way of their outdoor fun though. They get through storms to hit the slopes, and battle smoke to get to games. Now they’ll deal with allergy symptoms, while they soak in the sights and sounds of spring.