The dancing and singing may look like fun, and it is, but the actors practicing choreography and blocking at the Missoula Children’s Theater facility on Wednesday were actually hard at work. They’re training to be deployed around the world. They’ll set up shop, audition kids and put on plays, all within a week in each community.

“It takes a lot of commitment because we’re asking people to put their lives on hold for three months to a year ,” said teacher Matt Loehrke.

Until that happens, the actor / instructors will be working twelve-hour days. Over the next week, 86 actors and 48 teams start their trips to places far away like Turkey and Germany.  Others will be sent to closer locations like Canada, and cities around the United States.

Katy Jacobson grew up taking part in the Missoula Children’s Theater, and she’s going to be sent to the Midwest to teach kids.

“You also have to be very committed and very focused during rehearsals. We don’t have a ton of time to learn our shows and then we're off with the kids,” said Jacobson.