BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Many people look to kick off their new year with a trip to the gym. While motivation is high at the first of the year, many lose the energy it takes to keep up with that fitness goal.

We spoke to Rayna Stewart at the Ridge Athletic Club in Bozeman. She explains many people work towards a goal of living a healthier lifestyle at the beginning of every year.

"We try each year to figure out a way for people to get through the door easily to make fitness an easy option for them to do," said Stewart.

At the Ridge they are offering a new program to keep that motivation going -- "You work out 10 times per month for three months, you participate in three group fitness classes and you participate in two personal training sessions," said Stewart.

If you can make it through this, you will be rewarded.

"If you complete those activities in a three months period of time, we are going to pay you $100," said Stewart.

Statistics show many who make exercise their New Year's resolution do not end up sticking with it for long. Leah Vogel is a trainer at the Ridge and has been through 6 years worth of resolutions.

"A lot of excitement for approximately 6 weeks," said Vogel.

Vogel knows getting in shape is an achievable goal, but says it is all about the approach.

"My suggestion is to have an obtainable goal so that you want to keep coming and don't feel like you have failed," said Vogel.

At Snap Fitness in Bozeman, owner Doug Broling says there are ways to make your workout easier. 

"We encourage people to work with a personal trainer, work with another friend, bring a friend in, just get somebody else to work with you," said Broling.

Just like the Ridge, they have a promotion to help people jump start their new year.

"We have our special going on right now, join for $8.45 which covers a membership fee which is usually $49," said Broling.

Broling says the gym currently sits at around 250 members, and can expect 40 to 50 more in January alone.

He tells us how he plans to keep the new years gym goers all year long -- "Just maintaining a nice, clean, friendly environment. A place that someone would want to come, you will enjoy being here," said Broling.