BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Fire fighters quickly squash a wildfire south of Bozeman on Friday afternoon.

The fire broke out just northwest of Gallatin Gateway on ranch land off Axtell Anceney Road right around 2 pm.

Officials say a swather harvesting alfalfa hit a rock, causing sparks.

It quickly blew up to 46 acres.

Fire officials say low winds, and the fact that the land is sparse pasture rather than cropland definitely helped.

"It was pasture land so it had cattle on it" Gallatin Gateway Fire Chief Cooper Wade said. He said it "kept the fuels a little thinner and a little lower, which definitely helped."

Chief Wade said they quickly got the situation under control, but it could have been a lot worse.

"The concern was it getting over the ridge here to the south" he said. "There was some taller hay fields to the south that we were concerned about."

Wade said about 30 fire fighters worked to make sure the blaze stayed well below the ridgeline.

Gallatin Gateway responded to the fire, with help from Central Valley, Rae & Sourdough and Amsterdam fire departments.