BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman is a little cleaner after a group of volunteers set out to pick up trash around the city.

Bozeman Clean Up Day is a long-standing tradition, dating back over 85 years.

The goal is to get residents involved in their community with a city-wide clean up and educate them about the impacts of littering.

We asked volunteers why it's so important they participate.

"It's important to pick up the trash because, if you don't, it's just going to get worse until it gets dealt with," says volunteer Thomas Stevens.

Stevens tells us he found quite a bit of trash in the creek beds by Peets Hill but fellow volunteer Morgan Beessaw says it's all relative.

"I think Bozeman is unusual in that there wasn't that much trash. I think people really like living here and are pretty appreciative and try to keep it pretty clean, but that doesn't mean there isn't still some stuff that we need to do," explains Beessaw.

She says Bozeman Clean Up Day is a great time to remind folks that it's important to get out and clean our community to ensure it's a great place to live.

City of Bozeman coordinators say the event is also an opportunity to remind us that clean streets help maintain clean water and that litter and debris often end up in Bozeman Creek and the East Gallatin River.