A Kalispell resident's late father was honored Friday at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Army First Lieutenant Kenneth Arthur Shannon arrived in Vietnam on March 10, 1964, only to be shot down and killed just five days later.

Although his son, D Shannon, was only four years old when his father passed, he wanted to honor his father on the anniversary of his death. His plan was to write a letter and deliver it to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C., but was unable to travel.

Montana Congressman Steve Daines answered Shannon's request and personally delivered the letter Friday afternoon. Shannon says Daines' kindness was very touching.

"He was very patriotic," Shannon said of his father. "My whole family... we're from the area where the D-Day memorial was built. Service is just a way of life in southern Virginia, much like it is here in the Flathead Valley. And that was just part of his identity, service. That's who he was. It's what he lived for."

Shannon says his son, Colin, recently shipped off to Marine Corps Boot Camp on March 10 and began training Friday, March 15 -- the same days of his father's arrival and death in Vietnam.