Vice presidential candidate gives talk in Bozeman


POSTED: 10:34 PM Oct 31 2012
Jim Gray
BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Jim Gray, a former California Superior Court Judge and federal prosecutor, is running on the Libertarian ticket with presidential nominee Gary Johnson- the former Governor of New Mexico.

He spoke to MSU students on Wednesday on a number of topics, and answered questions.

Gray said the government needs to back off, and let people exercise their freedom.

He also said the government's built up an incredible amount of debt- and he'd aim to turn that around.

Gray is a drug law reform activist, which was another topic he touched on. He said in Montana, Senate Bill 423 should be struck down- and the federal government should let states handle their own laws.

"Let's treat marijuana like alcohol" Gray said. "Take a whole bunch of money away from juvenile street gangs, Mexican drug cartels and other thugs, and actually tax it."

He said under that control, there'd be "a lot more money to pay our fire fighters, pay our teachers, fix our highways. And along the way, you'll make marijuana an awful lot less available for children than it is today."

Gray said even though the Libertarian candidates typically don't get the spotlight like Republican and Democratic candidates, they're hoping to make headway in this election and increase their percentage of votes.

The stop in Bozeman is part of a tour around Montana. He'll also stop in Dillon and Missoula.