The lines for vouchers that help the poor pay their rent will probably get longer.

Congress could keep funding at 2012's historically low levels, then cut another 5 percent on top of that.

The Missoula Housing Authority is reducing voucher numbers from 774 to 720. It isn't cutting 50 families from the program, but instead, is phasing those numbers out through attrition.

Valor House provides housing to veterans who have been homeless.

Vets like Curtis Kutzler and Samuel Smith receive vouchers that are good at Valor House. But after a year stay there, they are eligible for the first available tenant voucher to be used in the mainstream community. That means they can move on their own to more independent living.

The cuts will create more competition for a limited number of vouchers.

Neither Kutzler nor Smith  are at immediate risk of becoming homeless, but Kutzler worries about his friends.

"There are residents here that are already at the end of their time at Valor House," said Kutzler. "They're the ones that are going to be hurting because they may not have this place and they're going to have to wait with everybody else."

The Missoula Housing Authority reports there are about 2,000 people on the waiting list for vouchers in Missoula.