Vandals shoot out windows at Missoula Aging Services


POSTED: 6:26 PM Feb 25 2013   UPDATED: 6:29 PM Feb 25 2013
Vandals shoot out windows at Missoula Aging Services

Two weekends in a row someone has shot out the front windows at Missoula Aging Services.

Monday afternoon four huge windows had to be replaced; they were shot by what police believe is a BB gun.

Aging Services representatives tell us they have enough on their plate with possible upcoming budget cuts without having to deal with vandalism problems. 

CEO Debbie Lester told us vandalism like this hurts seniors in our community.

“We're just not prepared to divert funds to maintenance and security when we've got services to deliver to seniors,” said Lester.  “This whole situation is terribly distressing to us.”

Missoula Police Detective Bob Bouchee tells NBC Montana this past weekend a handful of car windows were shot out in the northwest part of town.

Bouchee says if you see any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood get a description of the person or vehicle and call 911.