BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Cryssy Saoirse-DeBoar was in her condo at 311 Michael Grove in Bozeman, when she smelled smoke.

"We went back outside and this whole thing was on fire- I mean it was huge" she said.

Cryssy rushed back inside to grab her husband, and dogs as flames engulfed her building.

Nearby neighbors rushed in to help.

"We were one of the first ones here" said Toby Reissig, who lives a few buildings away. "So we started running around, knocking on the doors and trying to get everybody out."

He said they made sure everyone in the eight-unit building got outside.

Reissig even went in one condo to help an elderly man and his cats get to safety.

"There was a group of people that ran into the house, and got the cats, and got him out and got all the stuff that he needed" he said.

When fire fighters arrived, they said the flames were out of control. Smoke could be seen from around the city.

"It had a really good foothold in the attic and came from the outside in" said Greg Megaard, Bozeman Fire Department's Acting Chief.

He said the Bozeman Fire Department, Rae Sourdough, Central Valley, Ft. Ellis, Bozeman Police and Gallatin County Sheriff's Office responded.

Megaard said the blaze started on the deck of one of the upstairs apartments, but they're still investigating just how the fire started.

Several witnesses on the scene said a grill on the deck appeared to have triggered the flames. Others said cigarettes could be to blame.

Luckily every last person and animal was safe- including Sis, a border collie fire fighters rescued from the second floor.

"I'm just glad everybody's ok, glad they got Sis out" said the dog's owner Michael Hinshaw, who was at work when the fire started.

Everyone's ok, but shaken up to say the least.

"I'm pretty shaky. It's just surreal" Cryssy said. "It's just, surreal."

Megaard said the upstairs apartments are heavily damaged, but the downstairs aparments like Cryssy's are mostly salvagable.

Red Cross representatives said they are taking care of all the residents affected by the fire.