Thursday evening Missoula Bike Works was bustling with folks bidding on bicycle helmets.

But they weren't just any helmets and it was no ordinary night for the Missoula business busy fund-raising for a good cause.

“I decided that right after the accident what I needed to do was create a place for all of these bikers to go,” said Kathy Jackson. 

Jackson is a Missoula resident who lost her 14-year-old son Tanner Olson in a car accident nearly two years ago.

“Every single day he was never one of those kids I had to worry about sitting in front of a TV playing video games, he was on his bike or he was on his skis,” said Jackson. 

Now she is determined to keep Tanner's legacy alive and bring to life his dream of having a local BMX park.

24 local artists designed unique bike helmets to help raise money for the BMX park.

“They created these amazing works of art that most of them are wearable, I think,” said Jackson.  “There's only one that you couldn't put on your head.” 

Missoula Bike Works Owner Alex Gallego says he was happy to host the event.

“It has so much to do with an appreciation of the art and the effort that went into each helmet and the creativity,” said Gallego.  “They're all so unique and so special.”

All proceeds raised go toward creating Tanner's dream, and for Jackson it's a great way to remember her son.

“It has made my grief process just exponentially less because of the love and support that our community has shown toward Tanner,” she said, smiling. 

Bidding on the helmets ended Thursday evening.

Jackson says she has a location in mind for the BMX park the money is helping to fund, but she wants to keep it a surprise.