BOZEMAN, Mont. -

After a four-year hiring freeze, the U.S. Postal Service is bringing on 100 new mail carriers in Montana, the Dakotas and northwestern Minnesota.

NBC Montana called Postal Service spokesman Pete Nowaski and asked him why the sudden demand. "We've had a number of positions that have been held open during the freeze," said Nowacki.

Nowacki also points to a 9-percent increase in package shipments over the past few years, which he explained was spurred by the growth of online shipping. "We've also had people retire and created some more openings that way," said Nowacki.

Nowacki said hiring more people will actually cut down on overtime expenses. "By bringing on some more folks at an entry level is going to help us contain our costs a little bit," he said.

Nowacki couldn't specify where in Montana the jobs will open up, but said many of our cities will see the postings."The postings are for 21 different cities in Montana. Some of them are places that do have processing facilities, some of them not," said Nowacki.

NBC Montana caught up with a local resident just leaving the post office on Babcock Street in Bozeman to ask what she thought. "It's great. Any new jobs I think is a good thing," said Jackie Riley.

The United States Postal Service said you can apply online when the jobs become available starting Feb. 4 through 10. Click here for more.