NBC Montana spent time around the University of Montana campus on Friday, speaking with students before and after Jordan Johnson’s 'not guilty' verdict was reached. We spoke with a woman about what her opinion would be if he were found guilty.

“Honestly, I think he is guilty…It’s really hard for women to step up if they are raped and you can’t really falsify that,” said Alex Holter. When asked how she would react if he were found not guilty, she said: “I have faith in our justice system, so if he is innocent then that’s fine.”

After word of the 'not guilty' verdict reached the University campus, NBC Montana caught up with students.

“Innocent  before you’re proven guilty, so now that he’s not guilty, I think it was ridiculous that he was suspended and not being able to play football,” said Chris Freeman.

“It’s just shocking that it’s finally over with…I was always wondering because it is such grey areas…He said, she said,” said Ryan Murphy.

While the verdict has been reached, it’s clear that a conversation will continue about the impact the allegations and trial had on Johnson, the University of Montana and the world outside its boundaries