The University of Montana is taking a bite out of a college food competition.

The Bracket Battle for Best College Eats hosted by the cooking channel and the Griz grub is in the Elite Eight.

It beat out Michigan State's ice cream sandwich and took down Ohio State's Buckeye doughnut.

Now the Griz Breakfast Burrito has to wrap up the competition against UC Berkeley's Top Dog, Hot Dog.

“I think the ‘Griz’ is going to take the dog out any day of the week, so I’m not worried,” said UM’s Director for Residential Dining Mikey Cook–Collichio.

Clint Whittle, a UM Senior, gave NBC Montana a look at what it takes to make the massive burrito. Whittle works at the campus’ Cascade Country Store, home of the famous Griz Breakfast Burrito for 10 years.

Whittle said the Cooking Channel competition has the burrito growing in popularity. “People from outside the university come in here and they ask for the Griz Burrito.”

So why so popular? Whittle says it's all about what goes inside.

Cook-Collichio agrees. “People love the burrito because it's the all in one meal. They can head over here to the Cascade Country Store, they can grab a nice hot burrito and they can make their way on to class.”

It starts with eggs, hash-browns, bacon, sausage, gravy, salsa, cheese, throw on some veggies, roll it up in the tortilla and you have yourself a Griz Burrito. One the university hopes can keep them going in the Best College Eats Competition.

“You've got to be a fan of the Griz and subsequently a fan of the burrito,” said Cook-Collichio.

Anyone can vote for the Griz Burrito to advance to the next round. Voting is open from now until March 31st. Click here.