Truck drivers report icy roads, poor visibility


POSTED: 7:36 PM Nov 08 2012
snow pic

With western Montana's first major winter storm, road conditions became slick and icy in some places, especially in high elevation passes, but even in places where the roads are good, poor visibity is making conditions dangerous.

At a truck stop west of Missoula, truck drivers reported large snowflakes raining down East and West of town. One driver coming from Butte said the visibility was so bad he had to pull over until conditions improved.

"It makes the trucking industry (difficult)," said trucker Al Carleson. "It's twice as hard in the winter time."

Dwayne Harnes, another trucker on his way to Idaho, said he expects the weather to worsen before it gets better, but that he's glad he's driving in Montana, instead of a place that's not as used to the snow.

"People in an area like this - they know what to do. You can see those license plates that say Florida or California, and they're acting kinda crazy."