Trick-or-treaters warned about bears in the Rattlesnake Valley


POSTED: 5:23 PM Oct 31 2012   UPDATED: 6:07 PM Oct 31 2012
Missoula hotel hosts 3 bears in a tree

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks officials in Missoula are warning trick-or-treaters in the Rattlesnake Valley to be on the lookout for bears.

Officials said six to eight black bears are still roaming the valley at night, and it's not the candy they're after. They're looking for unsecured garbage and fruit - left mostly on apple trees.

FWP bear expert Jamie Jonkel said bears are still trying to pack on enough pounds to last them through winter hibernation, and they are most active at night.

"Parents should be wary, and looking down the street for any kind of dark shadows moving along,” said Jonkel. “There could very easily be a bear or two in some back yards, especially in the Rattlesnake Valley."