BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman resident Dick Prugh was in for an unpleasant surprise when he went to get in his truck on Saturday morning.

"Glass was all over the inside" he said, holding a rock and gesturing toward a taped up window.

Someone through a rock at his truck, shattering the back window.

"It was just one of those annoyances, it took a couple hours to clean up all the little pieces of glass" he said.

When Prugh called police, he found out he wasn't the only one hit by the random act of unkindness.

"Currently we have 22 cases where tires were slashed and/or windows were broken out" said Bozeman Police Officer Tracy Senenfelder.

He said vandals slashed tires and smashed windows on vehicles all around Bozeman- from the southeast side of town, to the northwest side of town.

Even though entire windows were shattered, nothing was stolen.

"It was simply just a vandalism spree that they were on" Officer Senenfelder said.

Resident Devin Conway said nine vehicles were vandalized on his street.

"I thought they'd only slashed mine" Conway said. But then he looked at his roommates SUV and found "they slashed his too."

His two back tires are flat, and all four tires on his roommates vehicle are ruined- leaving them without transportation.

"I work at eight in the morning, not sure how i'm going to get there" Conway said.

But the most frustrating part of the situation? Having to pay for someone else's senseless crime.

"I'm trying to figure money right now as far as [fixing] it" he said.

Prugh said he'll also have to pay for the vandalism on his truck.

The vandals didn't just hit vehicles. The doors on a business were shattered after bricks were thrown through the glass.

Officer Senenfelder said they continue to investigate all leads, in hopes of catching the culprits.

If anyone has information, or think they may have seen or heard something suspicious late Friday night/early Saturday morning, police urge them to call 582-1000.