One of the mysteries surrounding the missing veteran who disappeared two weeks ago in Missoula has been solved.

According to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department, several teenagers came forward and confessed to illegally entering and moving 26-year-old Matthew Charlick's vehicle, which they found abandoned along the road in the Miller Creek area about 10 days ago.

Charlick was reported missing last Friday. Family members say he left a house on Missoula’s Central Avenue June 15th and hasn’t been seen since.

Charlick was discharged from the Army earlier this year; people who know him say it is unusual for him to be out contact for so long.

Deputies found his vehicle in the Miller Creek area last Sunday, rolled off an embankment and stuck in a patch of trees.

Missoula Public Affairs officer Jason Johnson said after teenagers heard news reports about Charlick's disappearance, they contacted the Sheriff's Department and confessed to coming across the empty vehicle parked along Miller Creek road, with the keys inside.

They reportedly stole a few things inside and drove the vehicle into the woods, where it was later found, but they say they never saw Charlick.

"What's most important is that they confessed to what happened, and helped provide some answers as to why the vehicle was moved," said Johnson.

Deputies were also searching for the driver of a black truck that was photographed in the area around the time Charlick disappeared. On Thursday, they found the driver, who also had no new information about the missing veteran.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Missoula County Sheriff's Department at 531-1756.