During the public comment period at the monthly meeting of the Missoula school board of trustees, a few teachers stood up to voice their continued concern over Missoula Schools Superintendent Alex Apostle accepting a controversial 13-percent pay raise last month.

Currently Apostle makes $155,000 a year and now that he has accepted the raise he will earn $200,000 a year by 2014.

Teachers who spoke out at Tuesday’s meeting say they’re disappointed that they came out in numbers at a school board meeting last month, only to have their concerns ignored. 

Hellgate High School teacher Rob Jensen questioned the board’s willingness to take teachers opinion into account. 

“Why bother having input, why bother coming here, why bother preparing statements and telling you what I think because it doesn't seem to really matters even when it's multiplied many times over,” said Jensen. 

Sue Furey, a special education teacher at Sentinel High School, addressed the school board saying, “I don't think you've been accountable especially after you listened to people talk for three and a half hours last month but you didn't listen.  Your comments that you made afterwards were just almost like somebody just kicked me in the stomach.”

In an interview with NBC Montana at the end of February, Apostle confirmed that he accepted the raise and although he was asked by students to donate the money back to the district, he said he would not.