BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Taxes are due in less than a week and some folks are panicking, worried they won't get it done in time.

We sat down with a tax specialist in Belgrade to find out what folks need to remember as they're finishing up their taxes.

Leslie Madsen, owner of Focus Financial, tells us extensions are only meant for those who need more time to file their taxes, not more time to pay them.

She recommends signing up for an installment program if you can't pay.

Madsen also offers a few reminders folks in a rush might forget about.

"They miss a good review of their tax return, which would be comparing your tax return to the prior year tax return to make sure you haven't missed any deductions you've taken in the past, that you have made your IRA contributions. You're allowed to make them up to the due date of your tax return," explains Madsen.

Madsen also says don't be afraid of the IRS or the State of Montana. In her experience, most of the agency employees are kind and ready to help.

She adds, if you've completely forgotten about your taxes, you can file for an extension. The penalty for being late is based on how much you owe in taxes.