BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership teamed up with seven downtown businesses to launch a web-based survey called Downtown Pulse.

It's designed to get feedback on both individual businesses and downtown as a whole.

"Sometimes survey programs can be very time consuming, can be very costly and so, it's been hard and we see it very useful for a lot of large retailers that they're able to to get this data and so, this is a really incredible opportunity for us," says Downtown Bozeman Partnership Program Director Ellie Staley.

You can find a link to the survey on the bottom of your receipt at Nova Cafe, Owenhouse Ace Hardware, Country Bookshelf, Heyday, Leaf and Bean, Heeb's Grocery and Gallatin Laundry.

Coordinators say the survey started in July and already they've had a number of folks participate.

"You don't always know how people feel until you give them an avenue to let us know so, we think it's going to be pretty neat to get this information.  A lot of it's been very constructive, very positive and great information so far," exclaims Staley.

The survey is a six month long pilot program.

Coordinators say they hope to give more businesses the opportunity to participate once the initial program is complete.