The University of Montana student newspaper, the Montana Kaimin, is drawing fire over a cartoon it published last week.

The cartoon refers to UM’s new mandatory sexual assault prevention classes, known as PETSA, but some people say it's insensitive to rape victims.

The cartoon features a silhouetted "Victim X" talking about being forced to take the classes.

Callan Berry, the author of the cartoon, said it is meant to reflect how students said they feel about the mandatory classes.

"I'm a satirical artist. My point was to satirize the feeling on campus towards PETSA... which is that some people believe that they shouldn't have to take it, and that they're forced to."

Berry said he’s received both positive and negative feedback about his cartoon.

Several commentors wrote on the Kaimin’s facebook page that the cartoon is distasteful, and that it comes too soon after a sexual assault scandal rocked the university.

To see the cartoon, click here.