BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Some Bozeman residents are upset about the City Commission decision to rezone several properties along South Wallace.

The properties housing the Gallatin County Seed Company, Harrington's and a vacant lot formerly owned by Story Distributing, used to be zoned residential high density.

With commissioners' vote last night, the properties will now be considered part of downtown with a central business district zoning.

Neighbors say with the library right next door, they already see a lot of traffic and parking issues.

Now they worry they'll see even more, plus increased noise and taller buildings.

Residents say they're excited about the potential for redevelopment but they're afraid the negative impact on their neighborhood will be ignored.

"We live in a residential neighborhood and 20 years ago, when I bought this, I looked at the zoning and it was zoned for residential and now I've got, across the street from me, downtown, and it's not what I thought I was getting into," says South Wallace resident Katherine Ball.

Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss acknowledges residents' concerns but says the commercial growth in the area has been in the works for over a decade.

He says when they cleaned up the area back in the '90s, it was included in the downtown district with the hopes it would be redeveloped.

Krauss says the library has already prompted growth on east Main.

"Putting the library there in 2004, 2005, the city really signaled that this is an area that we're going to redevelop and I think we're just staying true to our plan back then," says Krauss.

Krauss acknowledges there are issues with traffic and intersections. He says he thinks one of the streets, Mendenhall or Olive, should go all the way through as the area is redeveloped to relieve South Wallace traffic.

Yet he says that will take time.