BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Once Thursday's snow storm moved in, it didn't let up. The snow kept falling, the roads froze over- and that made for some dangerous conditions.

NBC Montana headed out to several crashes throughout the day, including a Fedex truck that slid off I-90.

The truck tried to drive back onto the road, but didn't make it.

"We've been all over the area here, responding to calls" said Montana Highway Patrol Trooper John Scheer.

Trooper Scheer responded to the Fedex slide-off, and said since getting on shift at 5 pm, it's been nonstop

"I-90's bad, it's slick" he said. "If you need to go somewhere, take it really slow or you'll end up in the ditch."

Bozeman Police were scrambling around too. They responded to several accidents in the area, all minor with no injuries.

Earlier in the day, a truck ran into a Streamline bus and bus stop.

No one was hurt, but the bus was evacuated. Police Officer Zach Heninger told us the road turned to ice, and conditions quickly worsened.

"When it gets like this and gets this slick this fast" he said, "the best thing people can do is slow down."

But even slowing down got some people into trouble. While we were at the Fedex ordeal on I-90, a car slid off the road as the driver slowed to pass. Luckily a tow truck was right there to get them out.

"The road's awful" Trooper Scheer said. "It's bad out there."

As people begin to wake up and head to work, Trooper Scheer urges them to take caution because those roads are going to be just as slick for that morning commute.