NBC Montana has a followup to a story we brought you earlier this month, the demolition of buildings at the old Smurfit Stone site in Frenchtown.

But even as people watch the videos, it has Frenchtown residents still waiting and wondering what, and if businesses will take Smurfit's place.

Frenchtown folks heard and felt the demolition of the Kamyr Tower, and another large building on site.

Now they can re-live it on YouTube.

A woman at a local restaurant calls the demolition unnerving.

All the debris has left cleanup crews with plenty of work.

But it does probe the question whether the site will produce long term jobs.

Many celebrated when an Illinois company bought the land.

But nobody seems sure what's next for the site.

Missoula County would like the area declared a Superfund site.

The Green Redevelopment company that bought the site said its working to attract green venues.

Local restaurant and bar owner Tom Porter is optimistic there will be jobs down the pike.

"I'm always optimistic," said Porter, "I don't know it will bring a lot of jobs. But I"m optimistic they'll bring something in."

Not everybody feels that way.

A number of people said they're not confident there will be more jobs generating from the site anytime soon.

They worry about heavy metals found on site, and the possibility of the area becoming a Superfund site.

If there is a cleanup, however, it could be made more attractive for business.

Representatives from M2 Green met with community leaders in Missoula and

Frenchtown a few weeks ago. The company said making sites like this ready for business is what they do.