NBC Montana has continued coverage of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Monday evening we caught up with the maker of a film called The Mercantile. 

Filmmaker Brian Bolster tells us his 16-minute documentary is about the 100-year-old Polebridge Mercantile and its new owners, a young couple who while searching for the ideal marriage location stumbled on the 'for sale' mercantile and decided to buy it.

Now the two are carrying on the tradition of creating world class bear-claws and baked goods in one of the last outposts of its kind in the American West.

Bolster tells NBC Montana he was working on a different film documentary in Montana during the summer of 2006 and while exploring Glacier National Park a tour guide brought the group to Polebridge. 

Bolster says that’s when he fell in love with the very small towns historic mercantile and knew he had to make a return trip from New York, where he resides, to visit the mercantile again.   

“Stepping into the Polebridge Mercantile, it was like stepping back in time and it changed very little I think since it was first built,” said Bolster.  “Ever since I visited it's just stayed with me because it's such a beautiful place with the mountains as their back drop and Polebridge has no electricity and yet they still have this world class bakery.”

The Mercantile premiers at the Crystal Theatre Tuesday evening at 5:30 p.m.

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