It is the end of an 80-year era. Hostess is going out of business.

In the wake of a bakers strike, the company that makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs and
Wonder Bread is closing its bakeries and stores.

The move idles 18,000 workers across the country.

244 of them work in Montana, including two stores in Missoula.

Sweetheart Bakeries is part of Hostess. Its two outlets in Missoula will close Tuesday.

"I like the convenience of it," said shopper Nan Creighton. "I like the people who work here."

An employee inside the West Broadway store said she wasn't allowed to speak to the media, nor were cameras allowed inside. But there's been a steady stream of customers.

"Everybody loves Twinkies," said Peter Rasmussen. "They've been part of American tradition since the founding fathers."

Rasmussen works for a nonprofit to help the mentally ill. He said clients like Sweetheart for its staples such as bread for a cheaper price.

Chelsea Martin stocks up on snack items for a big family.

A lot of frugal shoppers said they will miss the place.

By Friday morning, consumers had already bought up all the bread at the West Broadway location.