BOZEMAN, Mont. -

As the season of giving comes to a close, folks at the Gallatin Valley Food Bank say they saw more donations this year compared to last year, but also saw more families in need.

"The holiday season really went very well. Need was up a little bit this year over last year, but so was the community's giving and we're very fortunate and thankful that the community responded to that need," said Gallatin Valley Food Bank Program Director Tim Trzinski.

Trzinski says people are most in need of food donations during the winter.

"The need this time of year is certainly high with the holiday season and people's energy expenses going up this time of year. But that also continues a little bit through most of the winter months, so actually we'll see similar service levels in January, February and March as we do during November and December. So those four or five months there are really our peak time as far as food bank need," he said.

In December the food bank served nearly 4,000 people and donations were almost 4,000 pounds more then at this time last year.

Trzinski says people didn't just help by donating, they volunteered their time as well.

"As the food banks needs have increased for food and holiday donations and volunteer time we've really seen kind of a corresponding increase in people looking to help and that's a very important part of what the food bank relies on and it's what makes our community just very special is people willing to give of what they have," he said.