Search and rescue crews have been working since Sunday to find missing Lake McDonald Lodge employee Jakson Kreiser.

"The areas were searching are very rugged, remote terrain," said Kyle Johnson with aerial search operations. "Kind of off-trail terrain between Logan Pass and Sperry Chalet. It has some extreme conditions depending on if you get off the route or not."

Though it's summer, this path can prove challenging to even the most experienced hiker.

"We are searching on snow and areas that can be more hazardous in the summertime because crevices are stating to show up in Sperry Glacier," explained Johnson.

Jakson's car was found in the Logan Pass parking lot, and it is believed he has essential supplies such as a backpack with a cellphone, water, food, and bear spray with him.

"As I understand it, he had mentioned it to a couple of them, and a couple of the kids had tried to talk him out of it because it as pretty strenuous," said Donna Adams of Lake McDonald Lodge. "And so he just wasn't going to be talked out of it."

Officials say anyone looking to hike in the backcountry should take advantage of the park's Day Trip Plan. It's a form hikers can fill out and leave with a friend that shows a planned route, intended destination, and what they have packed. If overdue from a hike, rescuers  can isolate their search area.

But officials say Kreiser didn't fill out the Day Trip Plan or the Lodge's hiker log, one more reason their search is that much more frantic.

"I just home he comes back safe and sound so this mother of his can really get on him for going out by himself," said Adams.

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