Kalispell's Rising Sun Bistro took center stage on the Food Network's "Restaurant: Impossible" Tuesday night.

One of Rising Sun's owners, Jennifer Griffith, said she applied to be on the show after watching a particularly emotional episode. She told NBC Montana the decor and food at the restaurant have always been great, but it's the personal relationships between co-owners that needed to be mended by Chef Robert Irvine and his crew.

Griffith explained that she and co-owners Sally and Peggy have learned to become a team again.

"We talk, and we have meetings, and no one walks out," said Griffith. "No one yells at anybody, we are leaders. There is no more divide and conquer in our business."

In case you miss it, Rising Sun Bistro's episode is slated to run again December 26, 27, and 29 on the Food Network.