It will be a busy winter for crews renovating Missoula's Top Hat Lounge.

It's closed right now, but will re-open in March.

The ever popular night club's been a fixture on Front Street for over 50 years.

It's changed owners, style, and clientele, but it's always been a Missoula mainstay.

Kim Mace recalls Sundays, in the early 1960's, when she was a little girl, exploring the inner sanctums of her Uncle Harry's bar.

Harry Boskovich ran a classy joint.

"The men wore suits and ties and the women wore cocktail dresses," recalls Kim, remembering her parents getting all dressed up to go to her uncle's establishment.

Uncle Harry, she said, wore suits, packed wads of cash, and a gun.

"I was too young to make a judgment of it," she said, "but I found him fascinating and colorful."

Kim's dad, Steve Kuburich calls his late half brother notorious and a ladies man, but also a hard worker with vision.

"It was just elegant, plain elegant,"said Steve of the Top Hat," It was top trade in the town, and what was their drawing card was a piano bar that was in the bar."

Steve said in the Top Hat's basement bar, Harry had poker games.

It was against the law.

"They had a buzzer under the bar," said Kuburich,"that would alert people downstairs."

In the decades to follow, The Top Hat evolved from elegant, said Steve to a "hippie" place.

His adventuresome daughter found the more casual night club with its rocking musical venues kind of fun.

"It was a hot spot," said Mace.

Kim meets the Top Hat's new owner as he helps his construction crews work.

Dressed warmly in a Grizzly stocking cap, Nick Checota said he'd love to meet Kim's dad and learn more about Harry.

Nick has a vision too.

He sees top-notch live music catering to college kids, as well as the 30, 40, and 50-year-old crowds who don't like to stay too late.

He wants the new Top Hat looking good.

The brand at the Top Hat is at the core of what we're buying," said Nick, "We're going to continue that  brand and stay true to the legend.

When the bar re-opens next spring it will be classy, said Nick, but not too classy,