A piece of World War II history landed at the Missoula International Airport Monday.

The fully restored B-25 bomber, called the "Maid in the Shade," will be in Missoula all week for airplane enthusiasts and veterans.

Scott Sypherd and Larry Kline are part of the Commemorative Air Force.

The volunteer group restored the bomber with the hope it could share the story of what’s called the “Greatest Generation,” the men and women who fought in World War II.

Kline said, “There are a lot of people who don’t understand what World War II was about and the ramifications of it. So this is our way of honoring the veterans that we owe so much to.”

The B-25 in Missoula once flew missions over Yugoslavia and Italy. Now it flies across the United States so people can see how a World War II bomber looks and flies.

During the war, the plane was hit by bullets and still carries the holes to prove it.

The men who fly it now describe it as cold, noisy with no protection for the crew as the airplane’s sides were paper thin.

“The men who fly these things, they’re very brave, very courageous,” said Sypherd.

Kline describes one veteran who flew with him in the bomber. He was with his grandsons and Kline watched as the veteran showed the young boys were he sat and what he faced when he had been a young man, caught in the conflict.

“It’s amazing,” Kline said. “It’s amazing what these young men went through. They are all heroes. We owe them all so much.”