Responders train for river rescues as waters rise


scott zoltan By Scott Zoltan, KECI Reporter,
POSTED: 6:36 PM Apr 11 2013
Responders train for river rescues as waters rise

Higher waters means higher danger in the rivers around Western Montana, so rescuers are making sure they’re up to speed in their training. On Thursday, members of the Missoula Fire Department dispatched two jet skis to train on the Clark Fork. Typically, there’s a rescuer on the back of a jet ski, who gets off, grabs a victim and then places them on a rescue board.

“We always anticipate a busy season. This is kind of a big raft community, so there’s always somebody floating through here, and we just want to be ready for anything that happens in our district,” said Missoula Fire Chief Batallion Chief Troy Ault.

Responders urge river-goers to do what they can to stay safe, like wearing life jackets and being aware of strong currents.