VICTOR, Mont. -

The remains of a Korean War Veteran, missing in action for 62 years, are finally home in the Bitterroot.

Corporal Luther Jesse James died as a prisoner of war in North Korea.

In the 1990's,. North Korean released the unsorted remains of hundreds of American service members who died in captivity during the war.

It's taken years for scientists to sort through them.

"It was the sixth of December, 1950, "recalls James' sister Lucille Walker. "They came to mama's house and told her that he was missing in action."

Lucille later learned that Jay, or L.J. had been taken prisoner of war.

A P.O.W. survivor said the young man from Oklahoma, had been wounded and died of medical neglect and starvation.

Lucille liked to think her big brother had found a girl over there and decided to stay.

"That was our hope," said Lucille, "But he cared too much for us to do that."

L.J. has a large, extended family that's gathered to honor him. The boy who liked kids and hunting, and never got mad, are woven through four generations of family.

"All our lives Mama talked about him," said Lucille's daughter Stephanie Walker.

So does L.J.'s other little sister, Ollie Oldham.

"I was always following him around," said Ollie. "I wasn't but six when he went."

He enlisted in the army in 1949.

The family heard from witnesses that he didn't live long after he was captured.

A military honor guard was waiting for Corporal James and his casket at Spokane International Airport Wednesday.

His niece was there.

Vivian Wildman placed her hand on the coffin of the uncle she never met.

While airplane passengers waited in their seats for the casket to pass, she told him,
"You're going home."

"It was like the world was standing still for him, "said his niece.

L.J. will be buried with full military honors at Riverview Cemetery in Hamilton.

"Anyone is invited," said Daly Leach funeral director, Tom Grymes, "anyone that wants to pay respects to a fallen shoulder."

His niece Stephanie wrote in his obituary-

You are no longer an unknown soldier in an unmarked grave in a foreign country.You are finally home.

Graveside services, with full military honors, for Corporal James will be held at Riverview Cemetery in Hamilton at 3 p.m. Saturday.