The Pine Creek Fire, burning about nine miles south of Livingston, exploded south Friday afternoon.

During a Friday evening meeting, the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team told residents it's burning at 9,300 acres.

Winds spurred the fire on both its northern and southern flanks, and right into a residential area crews were trying to protect.

Officials evacuated the George Creek area, and the fire dipped in to lower lands.

But officials say rain helped slow the fire down.

And they're making progress- the fire is five percent contained, and more crews are coming in.

"We have somewhere under two hundred people assigned- we're still waiting for about fifteen more engines to roll in" said Greg Poncin, with the Incident Management Team.

The National Guard's been called in to stand post at the road blocks.

Early Friday evening, several evacuees and area residents were out at the Mallard camp area watching the smoke, and hoping their houses stayed safe.

A rain storm moved in, followed by a double rainbow that extended over the smokey mountains.

Evacuees like Caroline Mclain said they hope it's a sign the fire will slow down.

"Right at this moment it's raining- so we're hoping to see that it's going to go out" she said.

The community meetings will continue every night at 7:30 pm at the Livingston Christian Center, and fire officials say they hope they'll continue making good progress Saturday.