After 6,500 public comments, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials will meet Thursday in Helena to make a final proposal on the wolf hunting and trapping season.

That's more comments than any other wolf issue Fish, Wildlife and Parks usually receives. If the proposal is the same as the tentative proposal then Fish, Wildlife and Parks will make a ruling.

If they have adjustments to the proposal based on public comment they will consider it in the final decision. Fish, Wildlife and Parks says this has been a hot topic for a while.

"We got a lot of comments on this issue about wolf management and wolf harvest and actually we've been getting it for years now as we've all come to understand what wolf management is going to mean and how it relates to other species that we manage in Montana," said Mike Thompson of FWP.

During last year's wolf hunting season 18,689 licenses were sold in the state of Montana. During the hunting season, which started September 3rd and ended February 15th, 166 wolves were harvested from 60 different packs.