Provisional ballot tally gives Juneau small boost


Associated Press
POSTED: 4:05 PM Nov 14 2012
HELENA, Mont. -

The statewide tally of provisional ballots has given Denise Juneau a slight boost in her re-election bid for superintendent of public instruction.
Juneau has held a razor-thin lead over Republican challenger Sandy Welch since last Tuesday's election. That lead had been sitting at just .3 percent.
But the lead increased to .48 percent after counties reported their provisional ballot tallies on Wednesday.
That is just within the .5 percent limit that a losing candidate can request a recount. Welch has said she would ask for a recount if the results stand within the allowable margin.
Missoula County had the most provisional ballots at about 2,000. Elections administrator Vickie Zeier says Juneau gained votes in those ballots by more than a 2-to-1 margin over Welch.