A murder suspect who had refused to acknowledge his identity fessed up to a judge Thursday.

NBC Montana told you when Ravalli County Deputies arrested Clifford Everell Reed earlier this month.

He's accused of murdering 28-year-old Sandi Johnson in the Tacoma,WA. area in 1996. Her skeletal remains were found in 2004.

Court documents indicate Reed had a romantic interest with Johnson that she did not reciprocate.

Pierce County, Washington, deputies arrested Reed years ago, but prosecutors declined to charge him, citing a lack of evidence.

Since Reed was arrested in Ravalli County over a week ago, he has refused to answer questions about his identity; signing court documents as 'x.'

But investigators matched his fingerprints to others taken, and during a five-minute court hearing Thursday, Reed admitted he is the same man accused of murdering Johnson.

Reed is continuing to fight extradition to Washington state to face the murder charge. Though Ravalli County Attorneys said officials in King County Washington have started the paperwork to get a governor's warrant to bring Reed to the state.

NBC Montana will keep you updated.